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Proposed list of responsibilities of Country Representatives (CRs)

  1. CRs will be elected as specified in the Rules of IAREP. Where no CR is elected for a country, the executive may appoint a CR to serve until an election can be held. A CR should always be a person working in the country concerned, but a CR may be asked to exercise some functions in relation to neighbouring countries for which no CR can be found.
  2. CRs are entitled to attend the meeting of CRs held annually at the conference, before the General Assembly (this meeting is referred to as the "Board" in the current rules). This meeting helps prepare business for the General Assembly (GA), but its decisions are not binding and minutes of it are not kept. If a CR is unable to attend this meeting, s/he may appoint a substitute, or the executive may invite one.
  3. The representative role of CRs is bi-directional:
    1. to disseminate information about IAREP within the countries they represent, and encourage colleagues in their countries to join the Association and participate in its activities. This includes but is not limited to: distributing posters and other information about the annual conference, workshops, etc to university departments and other institutions in their countries; placing advertisements about IAREP activities in appropriate national newsletters; liaising with relevant national societies.
    2. to represent the views of members of IAREP, and other colleagues who might become members, to the rest of the Association. This includes but is not limited to: gathering the views of colleagues within their country prior to the annual conference, attending the CRs' meeting at the annual conference and presenting those views, presenting the views of individual members from their countries at the GA if those members are unable to attend, and communicating with the officers and administrator of the Association about matters of concern to colleagues in their country throughout the year.
  4. CRs should act as a point of contact for people interested in IAREP within their country. Their names and email addresses will be published on the main IAREP website. They are encouraged to develop local websites with information in national languages, about national or regional IAREP activities, with links to the main IAREP website. The Association is willing to host such websites.
  5. CRs are welcome to contribute material about economic psychology in their countries for the IAREP newsletter from time to time.
  6. Where appropriate, CRs should encourage members in their countries to offer to hold the annual conference, or a workshop, in their countries. They should be ready to advise the executive on the appropriateness of any such offers.